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We are a Lifestyle brand in Functional food and nutrition for active lifestyle. For us, it is important to have full control of raw materials and all our products are thus manufactured in Sweden. Our mission is to constantly challenge the market with new, innovative products and concepts in active lifestyle. Our ambition is to help you achieve your training goals and be a mainstay throughout the journey. Together we go from 1 to 100!

Our history


With the Olympics, WC, EC and 23 SM Gold in weightlifting, there is power in the luggage to develop the best protein products of the future. Klaus Schöttinger's great interest in both training and product development gave the idea for a new brand in "functional food" in the summer of 2018. After many years of experience in self-employment and production of high-quality products for consumer products, it was time to give natural ingredients a place in health products. .


Our production takes place in a KRAV and HAACP certified factory in Arlöv. Our focus is on Swedish-made products with high quality that follow the demand of the health trend. As the name suggests, the goal is to deliver products that provide one hundred percent energy, with natural ingredients without added sugar for a healthy lifestyle.

The starting shot for ONETOHUNDRED has passed. Do you have the same goals as us? To be able to perform 100 percent? Then you've found the right place!
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