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    General conditions

    Terms and Conditions 

    Onetohundred Functional Food AB “Onetohundred”, organization number 556350-4900, operates the website and associated pages “The Website”. Via the website, the consumer can buy goods from Onetohundred. Contact information and other information about Onetohundred is available on the website. 

    Payment is made via the payment methods offered on the website (see payment terms) 

    1. Generally

    1.1 These general terms and conditions apply when the customer places an order via the website. In those terms, Onetohundred is referred to as the "seller". The terms are only applicable to customers who are consumers and place orders via the website. 

    Onetohundred follows the Consumer Purchase Act. 

    1.2 Customer and Onetohundred are included in an agreement for purchases via the website. The customer can always see on the product page and at checkout who the seller is. When purchasing via the website, the customer accepts Onetohundred's Terms and Personal Data Policy. 

    1.3 To be able to order on the website, the customer must be 18 years of age or older. According to Swedish law, the seller does not accept credit purchases for persons under 18 years of age. The seller also reserves the right in individual cases to refuse or change a customer's order (for example, if the customer has provided incorrect personal information and / or has payment remarks). 

    1.4 The seller reserves the right to final sale and any image and writing errors on the website (eg errors in product description or technical specification, incorrect prices and price adjustments, such as changes in prices from suppliers and currency changes, or incorrect information regarding whether an item is in stock). Seller has the right to correct any such errors and to change or update information at any time. All image information on the website should be seen as illustrations only. Such illustrations cannot be guaranteed to reflect the number of goods the customer receives or the exact appearance, functions or origin of the goods. Onetohundred is responsible for the information on the website. 

    1.5 The Website and the Content are owned by Onetohundred. The information is protected by, among other things, intellectual property law and market law. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, images and graphics, design, layout and information about goods, services and other content may not be copied or used without the written permission of Onetohundred. 

    1. Agreement and order

    2.1 In order to make a purchase through the website must be able to accept the terms. By accepting the terms, the customer undertakes to comply with the terms in their entirety and agrees that the customer has read the information about personal data and consented to the use of personal data and cookies in accordance with Onetohundred's personal data policy. 

    2.2 An agreement on purchase is entered into only when Onetohundred has confirmed the customer's order and the customer has received an order confirmation from Onetohundred by e-mail. The seller urges the customer to save this order confirmation for any contact with the seller. The customer can withdraw their order until it is confirmed. If the order is revoked, any payments made by the customer or the customer's payment or credit card company regarding the order will be refunded. 

    1. Customer information etc.

    3.1 When the customer registers his user account and / or has to complete an order, the customer will be asked to provide certain personal information. The customer confirms that the information that the customer fills in is correct and complete and is responsible for incorrectly filled in information. Information about Onetohundred's processing of personal data can be found in Onetohundred's personal data policy. 

    3.2 The customer undertakes to ensure that no one other than the customer can use the customer's login information. The customer may not disclose his username and password to unauthorized persons and must ensure that documents containing information on usernames and passwords are stored in such a way that unauthorized persons cannot gain access to the information. If there is a suspicion that someone unauthorized has gained access to the customer's password, the customer must immediately report this to Onetohundred. The customer is responsible for all purchases made with the customer's login information if such notification has not been made. 

    3.3 If Onetohundred suspects that the customer is abusing their user account or login information or otherwise violates the terms, Onetohundred has the right to suspend the customer. Onetohundred also has the right to assign the customer new login information. 

    1. Prices, fees and payment

    4.1 When ordering via the website, the prices stated on the website apply. Prices are stated in Swedish kronor and include VAT. Prices do not include payment and shipping fees, which are stated separately.  

    4.2 The customer can pay in the manner specified on the website. The seller has the right to charge the customer already in connection with the order, unless invoice payment or other similar payment method is chosen by the customer. In the case of invoice payment or partial payment, a credit report may be made, which the customer is informed of in such a case. Onetohundred relates to the right not to always offer all payment methods and to change the customer's chosen payment method if the payment method for some reason does not work at the time of purchase or if the customer is not approved for the chosen payment method. 

    1. Promotion and offers

    The seller may from time to time offer promotions on the website which may have more favorable terms than those set out in these terms (eg concerning payment or extended right of withdrawal). These more favorable terms apply as long as the promotion is active and for the specific items specified by the seller in connection with the promotion. Seller reserves the right to revoke such promotions at any time. Upon termination or revocation of a promotion, these terms apply without change. Offers on specific items on the website are valid for a limited time and as long as stock lasts.  

    1. Delivery and transport

    6.1 Goods that are in stock are normally delivered within the number of working days stated on the website. Normal delivery time within Sweden is 1-3 working days after the customer has received the order confirmation. Unless otherwise specifically agreed (eg in connection with the booking of goods that are not in stock). 

    Onetohundred offers the following delivery options within Sweden. 

    6.1.1 DHL Service Point (delivery time 1-3 working days). 

    The customer's order is sent to the nearest DHL representative within the customer's postal area. The customer is notified via text message and when picking up the customer's shipment, a valid ID document must be presented. 

    6.1.2 DHL home delivery with receipt (delivery time 1-3 working days). 

    With DHL home delivery with the receipt, the customer's order is delivered to the address the customer has provided. DHL contacts the customer to agree on an approximate time when delivery can take place. The customer must then be on site this time to receive and acknowledge delivery. The driver calls when the delivery arrives. Please note that delivery takes place on the ground floor, the driver does not go up to farmhouses or the like. The customer must come out and meet the driver himself. If the customer is not on site at the agreed time and the driver must return, an extra drive fee of SEK 150 will be charged for each extra drive. 

    6.2 The expected delivery time of the product is stated in the order confirmation, at checkout and / or on the relevant product page on the website. In the event of delivery delays, the seller notifies the customer. Unless otherwise specifically agreed and a delivery takes more than 30 working days and that this is not due to the customer, the customer has the right to cancel the purchase. 

    6.3 If the package is to be redeemed, the customer must do so within the time specified in the notification. Packages must normally be picked up in person with a valid ID and parcel ID. The customer receives a notification showing where and when the package is to be picked up. Notification can be made by e-mail and, if the customer has provided a mobile number, via telephone call or text message. 

    1. Right of withdrawal

    7.1 When purchasing goods on the website, a 60-day right of withdrawal always applies in accordance with the applicable Consumer Purchase Act. This means that the customer has the right to cancel their purchase by notifying them within 60 days of the customer or the customer's representative receiving the ordered item (the withdrawal period). 

    7.2 The right of withdrawal does not apply to the following types of goods: 

    1. Goods that have been manufactured according to the customer's instructions or if otherwise have a clear personal touch. 
    1. Items with a broken seal that cannot be returned due to health or hygiene reasons 

    7.3 In connection with an order for goods for which the right of withdrawal does not apply, the customer receives clear information about this. If an item has been sealed, the customer may not break the seal if the customer wants to be able to exercise his right of withdrawal. The right to regret thus ceases when the customer breaks the seal. 

    7.4 If the customer wishes to cancel a purchase made via the website, the customer must, before the withdrawal period has expired, send a clear and unambiguous message to Onetohundred. The customer must state his name, address and other relevant information (eg order number, invoice number and name of the item) in the message. Alternatively, the customer can use the standard form for exercising the right of withdrawal that the Swedish Consumer Agency has produced. 

    7.5 The customer is responsible for the condition of the goods after the customer has received the goods and all the way up to the time when Onetohundred received the returned goods. The product must be sent back within 14 days from the date the notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal was submitted to Onetohundred. The product must be sent well packaged, in good condition in original box. 

    7.6 The seller offers free returns on all products. 

    7.7. When the customer regrets their purchase, pay the amount the customer paid for the item back to the customer. Exceptions apply to any additional delivery costs as a result of the customer choosing a different delivery method than the standard delivery offered by the seller. When returning part of an order, the delivery cost is not refunded. On the amount to be refunded, the seller has the right to deduct an amount corresponding to the depreciation of the product compared to the original value of the product provided and to the extent that such depreciation is due to the customer handling the product to a greater extent than necessary to determine the product's properties. or function. 

    7.8 The seller pays back the amount as soon as possible. However, no later than within 14 days from the date the customer's notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal was received. However, the seller may wait with the refund until the seller has received the item or the customer has shown that the item has been returned (eg through a delivery receipt). The refund will be made to the customer via the payment method chosen by the customer, provided that nothing else has been agreed or that there have been obstacles to such payment. 

    1. Warranty and complaint

    8.1 Some of the seller's goods may be covered by warranty. Information about any warranty period and special warranty items for each item is available on the website or in these terms. Warranty for goods only covers original manufacturing defects and thus not defects that occur during or after a change in the product's function and appearance, such as rebuilding, upgrading or other configuration of the product. The customer's order confirmation is valid as proof of warranty. 

    8.2 The right of complaint covers goods that are defective in accordance with the current Consumer Purchase Act. A customer who wishes to make a valid error in the ordered item must contact the seller as soon as possible after the error has been discovered via the contact information stated on the website. Complaints made within two months of the customer discovering the error are always considered to have been submitted on time. The customer has a three-year right to make a complaint about goods purchased on the website. 

    8.3 The seller is responsible for return shipping for approved complaints. 

    8.4 When the complained product has been returned and the complaint has been approved, the seller will compensate the customer in accordance with the current Consumer Purchase Act. The seller strives for this to happen within 30 days of the seller receiving the complaint, but this may take longer depending on the nature of the product. The seller reserves the right to refuse a complaint if it turns out that the product is not defective according to current consumer purchase law. In the event of complaints, the seller follows guidelines from the General Complaints Board or equivalent boards in other European countries. 

       9. Force majeure

    The seller is not responsible for delays caused by circumstances that the seller could not control such as general labor dispute, war, fire, lightning, terrorist attack, changed government regulation, technical problems, errors in electricity / telecommunications / data connections or other communication and errors or delays in services from subcontractors due to specified circumstance. These circumstances shall constitute grounds for exemption which entail exemption from damages and other sanctions. Should any such situation arise, the seller informs the customer both at the beginning and at the end of the time for the current situation. If the circumstance has lasted longer than two months, both the customer and the seller have the right to cancel the purchase with immediate effect. 

    1. Changes to the terms

    Seller reserves the right to make changes to these terms at any time. All changes to these terms will be published on the website. Changes apply from the time the customer has accepted the terms (in connection with a new purchase or when visiting the website) or 30 days after the seller has informed the customer of the changes. However, the seller recommends that the customer stay updated on the website regularly to be notified of any changes to the terms. 

    1. Invalidity

    Should a competent court, authority or arbitral tribunal find that any provision of these terms is invalid or unenforceable, the provision in question and all other provisions shall be valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by applicable law. The provisions declared invalid or unenforceable will be replaced by relevant legal guidance and advice.  

    1. Applicable law and dispute

    12.1 If a dispute cannot be resolved in agreement with the seller, the customer can turn to ARN (the General Complaints Board). The customer can also submit complaints directly online via the European Commission's dispute resolution platform. If the customer submits a complaint via this platform, the case is automatically forwarded to the competent national dispute resolution body. This dispute resolution body then contacts the seller and tries to resolve the dispute without interfering with the court. 

    12.2 Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law and decided by the General Complaints Board or ultimately by a general court. 

    These conditions have been established as of 2021-06-17  

    Payment terms 

    Onetohundred Functional Food AB “Onetohundred”, organization number, operates the website and associated pages “The Website”. Via the website, the consumer can buy goods from Onetohundred. Contact information and other information about Onetohundred is available on the website. 

    Payment is made via the payment solutions offered on the website. The payment methods available for customers' purchases may vary. Below are the terms and conditions for all payment methods (Card, Swish, Klarna and Paypal) that Onetohundred offers. For all purchases, Onetohundred reserves the right to make a credit report on the dog through Onetohundred's payment partners Shopify Payments and Klarna AB. 

    1. Card payment

    When the customer chooses a card payment, the payment is processed by Shopify Payments, which provides a secure electronic payment solution. The customer can pay for their order with VISA, MasterCard or American Express. All card information is stored in accordance with the card network's regulations. Your contact information is handled in a secure environment - Shopify Payments is responsible for handling information obtained through the service in accordance with the requirements set for certification according to PCI DSS (Payment Card industry Data Security Standard) and other applicable security regulations. 

    1. Direct payment via Swish

    When the customer chooses direct payment via Swish, the customer is asked to pay to Onetohundred's swish number. The customer states name and order number, whereupon Onetohundred sends the customer's order when payment has been received by the company. 

    1. Pay with PayPal

    The customer can choose to pay with Paypal on the website, current terms are on 

    1. Klarna

    The customer can choose to pay with Klarna on the website, current conditions can be found on 

    These payment terms have been determined as of 2021-06-17 

    Personal data policy 

    1. Personal information

    Onetohundred protects the customer's personal privacy and strives to always protect the customer's personal data in the best possible way. It is Onetohundred's goal and responsibility to comply with all laws and regulations for personal data protection. In connection with the purchase or submission of information, the customer agrees to the processing of the customer's personal data in accordance with the specified regulations. 

    The new data protection legislation that came into force on 25 May 2018 aims, among other things, to strengthen the individual's right to their data. Thus, the customer has the right to know what Onetohundred does with the personal data, for what purposes Onetohunded processes the data, how long the data is stored and who takes part in the data. 

    If the customer is dissatisfied with Onetohundred's processing of the customer's personal data, the customer can turn to Onetohundred as described below or the Data Inspectorate / Integrity Authority. 

    Onetohunded Functional Food AB 

    Organization number: 556350-4900 

    Stantessonsväg 1, 232 61 Arlöv 

    1. This personal data is processed

    Onetohundred will process the personal data that the customer provides in connection with the customer shopping or communicating with Onetohundred. Also personal information that Onetohundred has collected from other sources, social media or from the website through cookies in order to administer the customer's purchases and fulfill Onetohundred's commitment to the customer. The personal data that Onetohundred processes are the customer's social security number, name, gender, e-mail address, e-mails, purchase, payment and order history, interconnection, payment and credit card numbers, delivery address, IP address and telephone number. 

    1. This is how the personal data is used

    In order for Onetohundred to be allowed to process the customer's personal data, the processing must be based on legal grounds in accordance with current privacy legislation. This means either that the processing must be necessary for Onetohundred to be able to fulfill agreements with the customer (Onetohundred processes data to be able to handle payments, complaints, grievances and to protect the customer against unauthorized intrusion and viruses),  

    for Onetohundred to fulfill a legal obligation (Onetohundred processes data to fulfill Onetohundred's legal obligation, for example to comply with court orders), that the customer has consented to the processing / has a legitimate interest (Onetohundred processes data to communicate with the customer regarding the goods and services provided, which require the consent of the customer), or after a balance of interests (Onetohundred processes dta for identification, direct marketing, customer surveys, newsletters, statistical purposes provided the customer has not objected to this, which the customer can do at any time by contacting Onetohundred). 

    Furthermore, the information may be used to analyze purchasing habits in order to provide the customer with relevant information and marketing and to improve the website, payment methods and payment processes. Processing for the purpose of improving payment methods and payment processes may include processing where the customer's personal data, including the customer's social security number, are transferred to other companies within Onetohundred's cooperation network, including third-party suppliers, to be included as analysis data. The personal data may also be combined with data from other registers (eg Keditu information registers), authorities, licensees or SOS Alarm. The customer's social security number will also be processed in connection with purchases on behalf of, or due to requirements from payment and credit companies that need this for credit information purposes such as Mondido Payments and Collector Bank. The use of the data may involve alignment with other registers, both within and outside the EU, and that the customer's personal data is transferred to, and processed by, other companies within Onetohundred's cooperation network (such as Shopify, Unifaun, DHL, UPS, Fedex) including third party suppliers for previously stated purposes. in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The information may also be co-ordinated or shared with authorities or Onetohundred's cooperation network, including third-party suppliers for, for example, printing and distribution, as well as payment intermediaries and credit companies or credit information. Onetohundred always exercise the utmost care on such occasions. 

    By approving the policy on the website in connection with the purchase or submission of information, the customer agrees that the customer's personal data may be transferred to countries outside the ESS. If all or parts of Onetohundred's operations are sold or integrated with other operations, the customer's personal data may be disclosed to Onetohundred's advisers, potential buyers and the buyer's advisers and passed on to the business's new owners. 

    1. This is how the customer's personal data is protected

     In order to keep the personal data Onetohundred processes in safe custody, Onetohundred has taken several security measures. Onetohundred has implemented security routines as well as technical and organizational measures to protect the customer's personal data such as certification technology for browsers. In addition, Onetohundred has appropriate firewalls and antivirus software to protect and prevent unauthorized access to the network. Access to the spaces where personal data is stored is limited and it is required that Onetohundred's employees are identified for access. 

    Onetohundred uses, among other things, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is a protocol for secure transmission of data via the Internet or other networks. The customer needs to check that SSL is not turned off in the browser settings. In order to prevent unauthorized access when processing the customer's payment or credit card number, one-way encryption is also used. 

    1. The customer's information is stored for this long

     If the customer has agreed to be a registered customer with Onetohundred, the customer's information is stored until the customer unregisters or for as long as is necessary with regard to the purpose of the processing. The customer can unsubscribe as a customer at any time. If the customer does not register as a customer, the customer's information is stored for as long as is necessary based on legal requirements or to fulfill Onetohundred's or partners' obligations to the customer (for example to fulfill delivery or warranty obligations). Regardless, the customer's data is never stored longer than what is permitted according to the current data protection ordinance. 

    1. Update and correction of the customer's personal data

    Onetohundred wants to ensure that the customer's personal information is correct and up to date. If any of the information the customer has provided to Onetohundred changes (eg regarding e-mail address, name or payment information or if the customer wants to cancel his user account), the customer is asked to contact Onetohundred and provide appropriate information. The customer has the right to data portal (ie to have their disclosed data in a certain format which the customer can then transfer to another personal data controller) and to request that the personal data be corrected, restricted / blocked or deleted at any time. The customer also has the right to receive a register extract from Onetohundred free of charge once a year, in order to be able to check what information is registered about the customer, provided that the customer clearly considers what information is requested and that the customer can identify himself securely. 

    The customer's personal data is not processed for purposes relating to direct marketing if the customer opposes such processing. The customer has the right to revoke a consent to the processing of personal data at any time. Such revocation may be limited to only part of the processing (eg the one relating to direct marketing). In addition, Onetohundred processes personal data on grounds other than consent, which is why Onetohundred will continue with certain processing even after the consent has been revoked. 

    Onetohundred is obliged to make changes to this personal data policy at any time to the extent that the changes are necessary to remedy disruptions or to meet new legal or technical requirements. All changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on the Website. 

    1. Links

    The website may contain links to other websites. This personal data policy only applies to the website. When the customer is linked to another website, the customer should read the personal data policy that applies to the page in question. Please note that Onetohundred does not take responsibility for the processing of personal data by other websites. 

    1. Cookies

    The website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the visitor's computer and that can be used to follow what the visitor does on the website. 

    Onetohundred uses cookies to improve the website for the visitor (for example by adapting the website to the visitor's wishes, choices and interests regarding information and marketing, being able to help the customer keep track of which goods the customer has put in their shopping cart, being able to help the customer avoid making certain choices every time the customer visits the website, be able to handle the customer's purchases and record statistics on the use of the website and be able to fulfill Onetohundred's commitments at the time of purchase). 

    By using Onetohundred's website and / or by accepting Onetohundred's terms and personal data policy, the customer agrees to the processing of cookies as previously stated. If the customer does not accept that cookies are used, the customer can turn off cookies in their browser's security settings. The customer can also set the browser so that the customer gets a question every time Onetohundred's website tries to place a cookie on the customer's computer. Previously stored cookies can also be deleted through the browser. Note, however, that if the customer chooses not to accept cookies, the customer will not be able to make purchases on the website. The functionality may also be limited in other respects. 

    This personal data policy has been established as of 17 June 2021 

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