BCAAs consist of three amino acids that stimulate muscle building, counteract muscle breakdown and promotes recovery. Our BCAAs are completely vegan.  Great to drink before training! 

BCAAs - Branched-chain amino acids

BCAA, which is an abbreviation for Branched-chain amino acids and which in Swedish is called branched amino acids consists of three amino acids that stimulate muscle building, counteract muscle breakdown and promote recovery. Amino acids are the building blocks of our body's proteins, including the muscle proteins in our muscle tissue. BCAAs belong to the essential amino acid family because the body cannot produce them itself.

Our BCAAs are completely vegan. BCAAs are great to drink before exercise!

When an amino acid is unbound and not part of an intact chain, it acquires properties other than what a complete protein can offer. This is why the three BCAA amino acids have become so popular in supplement form. BCAAs can counteract mental fatigue and are therefore an effective tool for increasing performance.

In all protein, it is precisely the three branched-chain amino acids that contribute the most to recovery. In free form, those properties become even stronger if possible. Unlike an intact protein, BCAAs do not need to be broken down before it can be absorbed into the body. This means that BCAAs start the process of repairing and building muscle mass almost immediately after ingestion.

BCAAs are suitable for all athletes

We offer BCAAs in a ratio of 4: 1: 1 with an extra high content of Leucine, enriched with Citrulline malate, glutamine and vitamin B6 in two absolutely fantastic flavors. Choose between Sour Cola Candy and Sour Strawberry Candy. Completely sugar-free BCAA! BCAAs are perfect as a complement to diets, hard workouts, intense workouts that need extra amino acids for protein synthesis and recovery. BCAAs are suitable for all athletes, regardless of whether they are interested in maximizing muscle growth or endurance. 

BCAA is an abbreviation for "branched-chain amino acids", ie branched chain amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of our body's proteins, including the muscle proteins in our muscle tissue. The interest in BCAAs originally stems from the fact that these three branched-chain amino acids are found in large amounts in our muscle tissue, which is why BCAAs sometimes get more attention among trained individuals than the other essential amino acids.

When you consume the type of BCAA called leucine, this amino acid affects the anabolic signal through the so-called mTOR pathway, and increases muscle protein synthesis. Muscle protein synthesis is the process by which we build muscle tissue of essential amino acids, and therefore the effect is of course greatest if there are already essential amino acids available in the blood. 

BCAAs are found in western quantities in all sources of quality protein - meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

BCAAs enhance muscle protein synthesis

Many people use BCAAs in connection with fasting cardio. If you ask those people about the cause, the purpose is often to prevent loss of muscle mass when you burn fat. However, BCAAs primarily enhance muscle protein synthesis and secondarily inhibit muscle breakdown. Therefore, it is clearly an advantage if there are essential amino acids available from complete protein that can be used as a building block for muscle protein synthesis.

People who do not consume enough quality protein benefit greatly from taking BCAAs, such as vegans. Vegetable protein sources generally have a lower protein content, which makes it more difficult to consume enough protein during exercise. At the same time, vegetable protein sources have consistently low levels of leucine, and therefore it can be argued that vegan BCAA / leucine supplementation is more relevant for vegans. Many women are also bad at eating enough protein during exercise. If it is you and for some reason or not you want to use a protein supplement, then you can compensate to some extent by supplementing BCAAs - preferably in connection with a meal.



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