PWO stands for Pre-workout and is a dietary supplement that is taken before training to become more alert and increase their performance. With our PWO you will never get a bad one workout!


Increase your performance with PWO

PWO stands for Pre-workout and is a dietary supplement that is taken before training to make you more alert and increase your performance. With our PWO you will never get a bad workout!

Onetohundred offers two amazing flavors of PWO; Ice Tea Peach and Lemon Lime. Powerful PWO that contains a carefully crafted formula for strength, energy and endurance. PWO created for you who want to perform to the max!

- PWO for increased performance

- PWO for increased focus

- PWO for increased pump

- PWO helps, among other things, to focus better, increase your muscle endurance, strength and lactic acid threshold. PWO is suitable for all types of performance-oriented sports and training such as gym, crossfit and powerlifting.

You mix a scoop (11 g) of Onetohundreds PWO with 2-3 dl of water and drink 15-30 minutes before training. The nutritional content per 100 grams is 256 kcal and a full 64 grams of protein.

PWO is a collective name for the immensely popular dietary supplements whose main purpose is to increase performance during training, give motivation a proper boost and contribute to increased muscle pump. 


PWO - Pre-workout that gives you a real energy boost

In the fitness world, it is almost a "must have" to use PWO, for those who want to be able to perform far beyond their usual ability, increase energy levels and stay focused throughout the workout. PWO, Pre-workout should, as the name reveals, be taken before training. The main ingredient is caffeine and also the amino acid beta-alanine. If you are after a real energy boost before and during the workout, a PWO may be just what you need!


Caffeine, which PWO contains, has an invigorating effect that helps increase your focus and counteract fatigue. It also contributes to improved body coordination which makes it a perfect aid during exercise.

Caffeine is a substance that has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system. Caffeine counteracts fatigue in the short term as it inhibits the function of the neurotransmitter adenosine, which means that in the short term we do not feel the fatigue. Caffeine can also release more valuable hormones such as adrenaline and dopamine that affect performance.

Dopamine is released from the brain's reward system and is a hormone that emits joy, creativity and a "feel good" effect. Adrenaline also has performance-enhancing effects. It is a stress hormone that is released, which means that the body prepares for danger such as struggle or flight. Caffeine helps increase blood flow to our muscles, increases our blood pressure and dilates our airways. It helps us perform, get in shape and can also be helpful for those who want to lose weight.

Caffeine also has an effect on the burning of fat. Caffeine causes the temperature in the body to rise, which means that we get rid of more energy. The adrenaline that caffeine releases also has an effect on metabolism, as the body is in a state of readiness, which requires more energy. Caffeine is found naturally in i.a. coffee, tea, guarana and cocoa. Caffeine is added to many supplements, such as PWO. It is also found in some foods to change or give off aroma and taste.

PWO is fast-acting and therefore it is recommended to take it about 30 minutes before training. But one should not overconsume PWO and caffeine because it is a stimulant that prepares the body for fight or flight. This causes the body to go at high speed, which is not healthy in the long run.


PWO Lemon Lime 300 g

299 kr

PWO Ice Tea Peach 300 g

299 kr


99 kr

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