Functional foods

Functional Food - healthy protein-enriched snacks

Functional Food is simply explained protein-enriched snacks such as protein bars, protein balls, protein crispies and protein bites. These snacks are available in a number of different delicious flavors such as almonds / cocoa, raspberries, licorice, passion fruit and coconut. Our latest addition to protein bars is the peanut butter filling. A masterpiece in Functional Food. If you have also not tried our protein bar with marzipan, it is high time, incomparably good. Functional Food also includes our protein-enriched granola with the flavors almond, raspberry and apple / cinnamon, which is also vegan. Our protein butter and spread is also included in the Functional Food category.

Functional Food created from natural ingredients

The concept of Functional Food is based entirely on natural ingredients. We mix the best from nature that shapes Functional Food products that taste incomparably good. In Functional Food we do not use artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. The composition of nuts, fruit and protein is uniquely developed to create products that the body feels good about. This is Onetohundred Functional Food.

Functional Food is aimed at anyone who wants to eat healthy protein-enriched snacks with a very pure content, without ingesting refined sugar. The sweetness in our Functional Food products comes from natural sugars. Functional Food contains no added sugar. 

Within Functional Food, we have a lot of vegan products and we also have a large number of Functional Food products that contain milk chocolate and whey protein. It is clearly stated on the products and product pages if they are vegan.

Onetohundred Functional Food is a proud Swedish company where the entire process from idea to finished product takes place in Arlöv, Skåne.

As a Swedish term, Functional Food is value-added food or useful food, ie a food that has been developed to provide a physiological health effect. In our case our large amount of protein in our products. The trend of Functional Food began in Japan almost 40 years ago and has since spread westward. The United States, as in so much else, is in the lead in the West, but Europe is starting to catch up. 


Protein Bar Peanutbutter 50 g x 12 pcs

249 kr   125 kr

Protein Marzipan Bar 50 g x 12 pcs

249 kr   125 kr

Protein Bar Mix Box 55 g x 15 pcs

285 kr   143 kr

Protein Bar Almond Cocoa 55 g x 12 pcs

239 kr   120 kr

Protein Granola Raspberry 800 g

From  79 kr

Protein Crunchy Peanut Butter 500 g

From  59 kr

Protein Bar Liqourice 55 g x 12 pcs

239 kr   120 kr

Protein Granola Apple Cinnamon 800 g

From  79 kr

Protein Bar Raspberry 55 g x 12 pcs

239 kr   120 kr

Protein Granola Almond 800 g

From  79 kr

Protein Almond Dark Chocolate 100 g

59 kr

Protein Almond Spread 500 g

119 kr

Protein Balls Liqourice 50 g x 10 pcs

249 kr

Protein Peanut Spread 500 g

69 kr

Protein Boost Ball Coconut 100 g

59 kr

Protein Balls Mixed Box 50 g x 10 pcs

229 kr

Protein Balls Almond Cacao 50 g x 10 pcs

249 kr

Protein Snacks Mixed Box 20 pcs

499 kr

Protein Almond Butter 500 g

129 kr

Protein Balls Coconut 50 g x 10 pcs

249 kr

Protein Crispies Raspberry 50 g x 9 pcs

199 kr

Collagen Boost Bite Cocochoko 15 g x 24 pcs

From  239 kr

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