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Optimize your health with supplements

Dietary supplements are a good alternative if you need to get more vitamins and minerals. Dietary supplements are also available in the form of protein and amino acids to get improved training results. Onetohundred "Life series" contains several supplements to provide the body with to absorb all the nutrients and improve your exercise and health.

Dietary supplements - a complement to regular diets

Dietary supplements come in various forms such as tablets, capsules, powders and ampoules. Dietary supplements are included in the food category, but there are conditions that apply for food to be classified as dietary supplements that must be met. These conditions mean that in order for a food to be classified as a dietary supplement, it must be a complement to a regular diet, the dietary supplement must be provided in measured and divided doses and that it must be a concentrated source of nutrients or other substances. These substances must have nutritional or physiological effects.

Substances that are commonly found in dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, essential fatty acids and herbs.

How do supplements help?

It is important to remember that supplements do not replace a healthy lifestyle. It is important to have a varied diet and that dietary supplements are used as an aid to get enough nutrients the body needs.

There are various ways that supplements can help you. Dietary supplements can help you take care of your body during stressful periods. Extra nutrition is needed for both mental and physical stress. Dietary supplements are a good alternative as the body gets rid of more vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium when exposed to stress. When we are stressed, we have a tendency to eat something fast that is not nutritious for the body, which means that we do not get all the vitamins and minerals we need.

Dietary supplements also help to make us fitter during the winter months. We need sunlight to get the vitamin D that is formed in the skin when we are out in the sun, which we do not get much of during the dark winter months.

It is important to get enough vitamins and minerals when we exercise. By using dietary supplements, you can make your training more efficient. During exercise, calories are consumed, which leads to increased energy needs. As a result, the body needs more vitamins and minerals. During exercise, we sweat out important vitamins and minerals such as sodium, potassium and zinc. Therefore, it is important to get all the vitamins and minerals with the help of supplements to get more out of exercise.

It can be good to use supplements when you go on diets and have a reduced food intake. When you go on diets, this can result in you not getting enough nutritious food. To get the necessary vitamins and minerals, you can supplement with dietary supplements. A dietary supplement that works well for weight loss is meal replacement. They are low in calories and contain all the vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients that are good for the body during weight loss. Protein bars are also a good dietary supplement to use to get extra protein and nutrition.

If you want to put on more muscle, you can use performance-enhancing supplements such as PWO that help provide more energy, strength and focus.

Dietary supplements can improve sleep

Sleep is important for the body to be able to recover. Magnesium supplements make you more relaxed and reduce stress in the nervous system, resulting in you sleeping better. With the help of supplements like our ZMA, this helps you get a natural sleep cycle and feel more rested. Recovery after exercise is also important for the body to regain strength.

If you want to build more muscle, dietary supplements of protein powder can be a good alternative to increase your protein intake. It is both a cost-effective and flexible way to get enough protein to build muscle.

Choosing supplements

Dietary supplements should be seen as an aid and should not replace a varied and healthy diet. But a supplement of dietary supplements is a good alternative for those who need to get all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Which dietary supplement you choose depends on what suits you, what your lifestyle looks like and what supplements are needed for your everyday diet. For vegetarians who do not eat fish, for example, it can be a good alternative to choose supplements with omega 3. If you do not get enough fruit and vegetables, it can be a good alternative to use supplements with vitamins and minerals.

There are many supplements on the market. If you do not know which dietary supplement to buy, you can consult a dietician or doctor.


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