Protein Bar

Protein bars of the absolute highest quality

Onetohundreds protein bars are dizzyingly good, in a completely natural way. They really need to be experienced in order to understand how fantastic the protein bars taste. The protein comes mostly from the almond, but to boost the protein bar further and to give it a little firmness with a little creaminess, we have also added whey protein. The crunch and structure of the protein bar comes from the nut, while the sweetness comes from the dates. At the top, we cover our protein bar with a protein-enriched sugar-free chocolate of the absolute highest quality. 

Our goal has, as always, been to develop a unique, fantastic and wonderful protein bar, which is a mix between a raw bar and a traditional protein bar. And best of all - no added sugar!

Choose protein bars in fantastic flavors

Choose between the flavors almond / cocoa, raspberry, licorice or why not try our latest addition among our protein bars with the taste peanut butter. This protein bar contains creamy peanut butter dipped in milk chocolate. And of course, there is no added sugar in this protein bar either. The protein bar is packed with peanuts, which we also boost up with plant-based protein.

It is also worth adding that our protein bars are completely free of palm oil.

Our product range with protein bars also includes a protein bar with marzipan bread. A completely unbeatable protein bar, without added sugar, which is magically good. Our marzipan contains 60% almonds with an authentic Belgian chocolate. We dare say that this protein bar tastes better than what you buy in the store, but some things can not be described but it must be experienced.

All our protein bars are made by hand in our own factory in Arlöv outside Malmö, without palm oil, no added sugar and with pure natural energy.

Protein bars always work perfectly as a smooth snack when you are hungry for something good and need to replenish energy or you need to increase your protein supply. Onetohundreds protein bars soothe both fatigue, hunger and cravings and allow you to get up the power and energy immediately.

Protein bars for exercise or snacks

Our protein bars contain 20 - 26 grams of protein per 100 grams. You can eat a protein bar at any time, but many people consume our incredibly good protein bars before or after a hard workout to cope with more and get their energy up. Our protein bars are not only for those who train hard, but everyone can eat our super good protein bars from time to time, to possibly replace a meal or take as a healthier snack. Protein bars are easy to carry in your pocket or bag.


Protein Bar Peanutbutter 50 g x 12 pcs

249 kr   125 kr

Protein Marzipan Bar 50 g x 12 pcs

249 kr   125 kr

Protein Bar Mix Box 55 g x 15 pcs

285 kr   143 kr

Protein Bar Almond Cocoa 55 g x 12 pcs

239 kr   120 kr

Protein Bar Liqourice 55 g x 12 pcs

239 kr   120 kr

Protein Bar Raspberry 55 g x 12 pcs

239 kr   120 kr

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