Protein powder is an easy and affordable way to get protein and tastes very good! Protein is the building block of muscle and helps you build your muscle mass and helps to counteract muscle breakdown.  

Protein powder of high quality and at a good price

Onetohundreds Whey protein powder is an easy and affordable way to absorb protein, while the protein powder tastes extremely good. We offer Whey protein powder in three different flavors. Choose Whey protein powder between Double Rich Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and Bourbon Vanilla. This is a protein powder that you absolutely must not miss.

Our Whey protein powder is made in Sweden. Intake of protein powder promotes muscle building and recovery. Whey protein powder is also enriched with DigiZyme, which makes the protein powder more gentle on the stomach for those who are sensitive to lactose. An all-Swedish protein powder with good solubility and fantastic flavors.

Our Whey protein powder is made from whey protein which is a milk based protein source. The protein powder is a residual product called whey from cheese making. The whey is filtered in different steps to then get whey protein concentrate, which in turn becomes protein powder. Whey and casein are some of the main proteins in cow's milk. In addition, they have different properties as a protein. Whey protein concentrate is a protein that is absorbed by the body quickly while casein is a slow protein that the body absorbs slowly. 

Effective protein powder with good absorption capacity

Whey protein powder with whey has a high absorption capacity and contains a high amount of amino acids, which makes it an excellent source of protein for muscle building and accelerates recovery after exercise.

A supplement of protein powder helps the body counteract the process of muscle breakdown that occurs during exercise and other physical activity. A protein shake with Onetohundreds Whey protein powder can easily be supplemented to increase protein intake if you do not get a sufficiently protein-rich diet or do not have the strength to eat as much. Protein powder with whey is an easily accessible source of protein during exercise regardless of training level and is therefore very suitable for everyone.

Protein powder that tastes fantastically good

Our Whey protein powder with whey has a good consistency that dissolves very well and tastes extremely good. As demand has increased, this has led to protein powder with whey now being compared to a good milkshake rather than a sports product. Drinking your protein shake with Whey protein powder can be done in lots of different ways - mix in a milkshake, in a smoothie or pour into your porridge. Here, only the imagination puts a stop to when and how you can get your Whey protein powder with whey. We offer three fantastically good flavors of our protein powder. This way, you can easily find your favorite flavor of protein powder. 

Easy to handle

Mixing a scoop of Whey protein powder with water or any other beverage is a great way to replenish protein after exercise. Protein powder is easily prepared and can be stored anywhere no matter where you are. Unmixed Whey protein powder with whey can be stored at room temperature for a long time and very easy to take the protein powder with you. A shaker with Whey protein powder with whey is simple and takes up minimal space and requires no preparation.

Affordable protein powder with very high protein quality

Our Whey protein powder with whey is an affordable alternative that provides a lot of protein powder for the money as the protein powder is made from a by-product from cheese making. Whey protein powder is one of the cheapest protein sources with very high protein quality that can be found. If you were to compare the same amount of protein from meat or other food with our protein powder, it would have been much more expensive than getting the same amount of protein from whey protein.

How Much Whey Protein Powder Is Good For Me?

Start with food as a base and use supplements like Whey protein powder with whey as a supplement, see it as a good complement to this protein powder. If you know how much protein you get in you per day through your diet, you also know how much protein powder you need to supplement by taking protein powder with whey.

A dosage of protein powder usually contains between 21-23 grams of protein which is approximately between 110-120kcal. If you train hard with the intention of building muscle, it is usually recommended to consume between 2-3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight and day. 

Did you know that…

- One gram of protein contains only 4 calories, while fat contains 9 calories.

Vegans should avoid whey protein powder because of its animal origin.

Are there any risks with whey protein powder?

When it comes to diet and nutrition, both surpluses and deficits are a risk factor. Protein is no exception. Taking Whey protein powder with whey is not in itself unhealthy and you can definitely benefit from it if the need arises. Whey protein powder is safe for most people, but there are some exceptions to consider.

Since whey protein powder comes from dairy, whey protein powder can be difficult for the stomach. 

If you are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy, choose a vegan protein powder that is naturally free of lactose and dairies.

Unreliable manufacturers of protein powders

The real danger of whey protein powder is not as simple as a side effect. The real danger is in the additional industry itself. Since you can not closely monitor all supplements that are made, you do not always know what you are getting, but stick to well-known manufacturers who are clear about what the protein powder contains and feel free to buy Swedish protein powder for the sake of quality and animal husbandry. We at Onetohundred are extremely proud of our Whey protein powder in every way. Click home your Whey protein powder. We promise you will not be disappointed.



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